Highlights 101 With Lauren Sandoval

Lauren Sandoval

“I’ve always been blond and highlighted,” says Spoke SLO stylist Lauren Sandoval. “I’m picky and relate to clients who want just the right shade.”

A member of the Spoke SLO team since 2011, Lauren’s specialty is highlights, particularly the beachy, natural look. “I focus on making it bright right around the face, where sun would naturally hit, lighter on the ends and softer in the back,” she says, adding that clients’ color grows out pretty and less noticeably that way.

She explains that several of her clients see the term balayage online and ask for it without really understanding what it is. “The word balayage means ‘to sweep,’ which is a technique we use to paint subtle highlights into the hair,” she says, adding that the method subtly fades and integrates a deeper tone at the crown of the head to a lighter one at the ends, in pieces. Ombre, on the other hand, is a transition from one color at the crown of the head to another color on the ends, without integrated darker pieces for dimension.

Lauren often uses babylights to brighten her clients’ color in a subtle and low-maintenance way. “Babylights lift only a few strands throughout a small section of hair, so the effect is an all-over lightening that’s soft, not harsh,” she says. Often, she uses balayage and babylights techniques together.

“It’s that beachy, natural, summery look that everyone wants.”

To learn more or to book a consultation with Lauren Sandoval, please call 805.781.6188.

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