Ice, Ice, Maybe? Going Platinum With Kelsey Comerford.

Spole SLO stylist Kelsey Comerford

Spole SLO stylist Kelsey Comerford

What woman hasn’t looked at a photo of Marilyn Monroe and wished she could pull off platinum hair? Sexy, feminine and strong, platinum locks are trending high right now…but they’re not for the faint of heart.

“The hardest part about going platinum is the upkeep,” says hairdresser Kelsey Comerford, who took the plunge with her own hair about a year ago and helps many Spoke SLO clients achieve and maintain the bright, bold look. “But just about anyone can go platinum if it’s done the right way, with the right amount of time, and with some patience.”

How easy is it to go platinum? According to Kelsey, that depends entirely on the hair’s hue and its health.

To go as dramatic as platinum, you have to invest in the integrity of your hair, above all else. It’s hard on hair. I’m a stylist – I take very good care of my hair – and I still get breakage. That’s just a reality of getting the process, so using good products is key.”

In preparation for taking her own hair to platinum from a dark blonde, Kelsey spent one month applying Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (a leave-in treatment) every time she washed, and didn’t use heat on her hair for three weeks prior to lifting. When the time came to lighten, she followed-up with toning to balance the natural effect of lightening her hair.

“Toner is like a filter on a photo,” she says. “When you lighten or lift a haircolor, often you’re left with an unfinished color like bright yellow or raw orange – it’s like a rough draft. Toning with cool violet, for instance, counteracts the warmth of bright yellow. It’s only the rarest of hair that’s able to lift without toning.”


Even though Kelsey’s natural color is quite fair – a warm blonde – she still lifts pretty slowly. “For most people, getting to platinum has to be done in stages. The back of the head is often harder to lift the first time, but it can lighten to platinum by the time new growth comes in and it’s time for a root touch-up.” Still, she adds, other factors impact the process. “If someone’s been box-dying their hair black for years, I can get them to platinum, but it’s probably going to take several months.

Damage-Remedy-Daily-Hair-RepairThe frequency of visits for maintenance with platinum locks varies. For her own hair, she touches up every five to six weeks, though she has clients who come in as often as every four weeks and as rarely as every eight weeks. But for every type of hair, she recommends regular care with Aveda products, specifically the Damage Repair line.

So, what if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on going platinum but still want the look? Kelsey recommends adding highlights with pops of platinum around the face, or even putting in some platinum extensions. “Highlights and extensions offer a fuller, blonder look that complements people’s natural color with less damage.”

Interested in a free consultation with Kelsey? Call 805.781.6188 to get started.

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