The Perfect Arch: Elise Tackett’s Brow Obsession

Elise Tackett

“Bold, arched, subtle, natural: whatever your thing is, brows are mine.” Elise Tackett

In 2012, Spoke SLO stylist Elise Tackett shared one of her goals with the salon’s founder, Christine Thompson.

“I told her I wanted to focus on brows, that I wanted to become an expert brow artist,” Elise says. “She loved how I’d been doing her brows for a while, so she encouraged me to go for it.”

At the time, Elise was very pregnant with her first child and opted out of doing hair for working the front desk and taking brow-waxing walk-ins. After doing multiple faces in a row, she said, she suddenly found her knack for capturing the perfect brow shape. “That’s when it clicked,” she says.

Five years later, Elise is back to doing hair regularly in addition to brows, a job she loves more than ever.

“I’ve always been into brows, probably because mine are one of my strongest features,” she says, laughing. “Managing my brows makes me feel put-together. Plus brows are so expressive – I like helping people put their best face forward.”

A few thoughts on brows from Elise:

A brow client of Elise's.

One of Elise’s brow clients.

— Elise reminds clients that their two brows will never be perfectly identical, or even symmetrical. (“They’re sisters but they’re not twins.”) One brow will always be more of a challenge than the other. Just as returning to the same hair stylist builds an  understanding of how to work with your hair’s growth patterns, returning to the same brow artist builds their experience with your arches’ idiosyncrasies.

— Brow tints work wonders for faces with fair or thin brows. “A good tint can provide fullness by grabbing baby blond hairs and boosting contrast,” Elise says.

— How often should you have your brows done? ‘I have to do mine every two-and-a-half weeks,” says Elise, “but I have clients who only come in once a year. It all depends on how fair you are and your lifestyle – how much you want to keep them up.”

To book a brow appointment with Elise, please call Spoke SLO at 805.781.6188. Follow her work on Instagram at @elisetackett_beauty.

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