Why cut dry?


Of his preference for dry cutting, Spoke SLO co-owner Jon Reyman has been known to say “dry hair tells no lies.” In fact, he was mentioned in this month’s edition of ELLE Magazine as a stylist who has “developed an insider-beloved cut that takes a mere 15 minutes, but he’s been fine-tuning his technique for more than 18 years.” (Keziah Weir, ELLE, October 2016)



What is it about dry-cutting that Jon appreciates so much? Looking back on previous interviews, we thought we’d let him speak for himself.


“Dry haircuts are more refined and cutting hair dry produces a better hairstyle. Dry cutting is also a way for experts to showcase their finest and highest quality work. It’s the difference between a custom tailored suit, and a suit off the rack.

“Why I’ll Never Get My Hair Cut Wet Again,” Karina Hoshikawa, Glamour.com

“After the dry cut comes a shampoo, Aveda aromatherapy scalp massage, and blow-dry; then Reyman makes any final tweaks. The reason for his reverse method? ‘We don’t hide bad cuts with good styling.’”

“Making the Case for Dry Cutting: New York City’s Spoke & Weal Salon Opens in SoHo,” Rachel Marlowe, Vogue.com

“Even for curly-haired people, if it looks good straighter, it will look good curlier. But if it looks good curly, it might not look good straight or wavy. I cut hair dry—so I blow dry it smooth, taking texture out of the equation. It’s all about length and density. Texture is always managed by tools and technique—how you style it, how you blow dry it, how many products you put in it. Length and density is my job. A lot of hairdressers hide behind the texture. They’ll give you a haircut, then they’ll blow dry it out and hide the bad haircut they did. It’s not that they do it on purpose; it’s just what they do. So when you go home, you can’t recreate it.”

“In Praise of The Dry Haircut,” Claire Knebl, IntoTheGloss.com


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