Never again: Six haircuts to ditch forever

We’ve all had one: a haircut that tried to hang on a little – or a lot – past its due date. Here are six of the current offenders we see and advice on how to change them.

V cut

The Live Long and Prosper: a V-cut down the back. This cut is a passé attempt to hang on to as much length as possible even if other section of the hair are shorter due to breakage or layers. To remedy this cut, gently round or level that deep-V.

wedding cake

The Wedding Cake: harsh, abrupt layers with no blending. Obvious layers are dated, boxy, and unflattering on most people. This bad cut only requires a little blending and integration to create a softer, prettier look.

carol brady

The Carol Brady: a bob with a mullet tail. You can’t have it both ways: go short or go long. One of the best features of short hair is showing off the neck, so clean up the back perimeter and avoid that wispy tail.

couin itt

The Cousin Itt: Heavy, bulky hair at any length. Whether blunt or layered, hair should be light and able to move. You know you have too much hair if it’s become difficult to style and/or blow-dry. Instead, ask a Spoke SLO stylist to texturize your hair strategically, removing weight where it’s heavy, doesn’t move or is too thick.


The Toadstool: a mushroom-shaped bob. This cut isn’t the one-size-fits all hat you might think. Modern techniques customize a bob to your best features. A good stylist will texturize a bob from the inside and remove weight for a youthful and soft look.


The Nosedive: an accentuated a-line cut, sort of like a reverse mullet. With long in front, short in back, this strong shape is outdated. Go for subtler back-to-front angles, or a textured chin-length bob without bangs.

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