When you want a change, not a chop

Bobs are big right now. So where does that leave those of us with long hair, the fraidy cats who are unwilling to pull the trigger on a short cut, but want the fun of a little change? Spoke SLO co-owner Jon Reyman was recently featured on Refinery29.com discussing long bobs – so-called “lobs” – […]

Big city credentials in SLO Town.

Is your haircut feeling tired? Do you need A-list service? Our stylists are educated by venerated professionals, including Spoke SLO Co-Owner Jon Reyman, who was recently showcased in a roundup of the best haircuts in Los Angeles by Allure, along with a handful of the industry’s top hairdressers. Refinery29.com also recently ran a story on the best salons […]

The Case For Expertise In The Digital Age

By Christine Thompson They’re booking more and more appointments lately: people whose hair needs fixing after a hairdresser has botched a complex, modern technique. I’ve been called in on failed attempts at balayage, ombre and color melting, and it’s not pretty. These are expensive, complicated fixes. I recently watched one client spend $600 and several […]

Don’t Be A Slave To The Box

Many, many women have unsatisfying relationships with boxed hair color, but they stick with it because it’s inexpensive, fast, and, well, because it’s habitual. But Spoke SLO Co-Owner and Color Director Christine Thompson suggests trying a color treatment with Aveda Full Spectrum Color under the care of a professional colorist before becoming a lifelong slave […]

How To Get Casual, Effortless-Looking Bangs

We all know that bangs are tricky. Depending on the shape of the face, they can accentuate great bone structure or make someone look 11 years old. Whether you’re considering getting bangs or you’re ready to grow your current bangs out again, there is an option that offers all the fun of getting fringed without […]

Going To The Dark Side, Naturally

Thinking of going darker? At Spoke SLO, co-owner and Color Director Christine Thompson uses Aveda Full Spectrum DEEP, a permanent hair color designed for naturally dark hair that provides a balance of lift and tone for healthy, rich color. For optimal results, though, the story shouldn’t end there. Christine also suggests pre-scheduling a glossing treatment […]